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Neurospicy was created to easily connect neurodivergent people who are looking for friendships or romantic relationships. Scroll down to read the full story. 

Our Story

As a neurodivergent neuropsychologist who does adult assessessments for autism/ADHD, one of our founder's primary recommendations to her clients has always been to form their own support system aka their neurotribe. However, she realized that many of her clients had difficulty meeting other neurodivergent individuals for several reasons: either they weren't online, lived in rural areas, were shy, and/or just didn't feel comfortable meeting new people in person. Ideally, she would be have been able to introduce clients to each other but psychological ethics and rules did not allow for this. And thus, the idea of creating the Neurospicy app™ was born. Originally, it was meant for forming friendships but after multiple requests, it was decided to include dating options, too, so now there are both!

Our Neurospicy Board

Our dedicated neurodivergent board members bring a wealth of lived experience, passion, and empathy to our cause. With a diverse range of individuals among us, we unite in our commitment to empower and support all unique journeys in which acceptance, understanding & celebrating strengths reign supreme. Together, we aim to create a safe and inclusive space in which neurodiversity is celebrated and respected. One of our primary goals is that users are kept safe while creating their own neurotribes.

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