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Who is this app for?

The Neurospicy app™ was created to serve the neurodivergent community -- it is an app to help you make connections, whether for friendship or for romance. 

It allows you to toggle back and forth between seeking friends or seeking romantic partners. We sincerely hope this app will help you form your own neurotribe!

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Neurodivergent Friendly

We tried to make this as neurodivergent friendly as possible with a simple, user-friendly interface and intuitive functions, as well as simple clean graphics.

Choose friendship or romance

Are you looking to create your own neurospicy tribe of friends? Or are you interested in making a new romantic connection? We have you covered either way!

Airtight Security

Multiple levels of security ensure that your information will be protected. You also have the ability to block or report users, as needed. 

How the App Works

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What is Neurodivergence?

Neurodivergence refers to the naturally occurring neurological variants that exist, such as Autism and ADHD. Neurodiversity simply means the diversity that exists among neurotypes, including neurotypical or neuronormative individuals, as well as those who are neurodivergent. 

We are proudly led by the neurodiversity affirming paradigm!

The neurodiversity affirming paradigm/movement is led by the belief that neurodivergence is not something broken that needs to be fixed; we don't have "disorders" but neurotypes. Instead of a deficit approach, it takes a strengths-based approach, focusing on our unique abilities and strengths and placing emphasis on the lived experience. 

10% of our profits will be donated to ND affirming advocacy organizations.

Please reach out if your organization would like to be considered for this donation.

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